I Can Tell You Lyrics - Billy Bob Thornton

Release information
Release Date: 2007-7-27
Genre: Rock
Style: Country Rock
length: 3:24
I could tell you
A little about me
But I doubt
You have got all day

I could tell you
Some crazy stories
I'm sure they'd
Make you run away

So let's just sit here
Around the others
And watch them do
Their lonely thing

Let's just sit here
Under the cover
Of a soon forgotten fling

I've tried to live a life outside the walls
I built a hundred times
But if you want me to I'll try

To tell you
Tell you
About the constant fear
And danger that I knew

I can tell you
Tell you
But if I do I'll
Make a stranger out of you

So I'll be leaving
Don't try to follow
Let's just quit while we're

Can't start believing
In tomorrow
Let's just part as
Friends instead

Before you go I'll
Come clean just because
I think it's fair
Please forgive me if I cry

When I tell you
Tell you
About the ones
I've killed and how it
Killed me too

I can tell you
Tell you
How war can tear apart
What we are due

I can tell you
Tell you
That I wouldn't wish this
Ravaged soul on you

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