Pretty People Lyrics - Billy Bob Thornton

Release information
Release Date: 2007-7-27
Genre: Rock
Style: Country Rock
length: 3:21
The news is full of crime
And people love to hear it
They hang on every line
Even though they fear it
As long as it is someone else
Who's suffering the pain
They'll suck their beer and belch
And watch the blood pour like it's rain

But people tell me why it's so
When a man kills his pregnant wife
It becomes a prime time show
If they're living in the high life
They change the channel just like that
When their drowning in the ninth ward
But they're hypnotized by some cat
Who killed a beauty queen in his yard

I can tell you what I think
But the news just won't admit it
Oooooo pretty people did it
Yeh, oooooo pretty people did it

Seems murder only last a minute
When it's poor or red or black
They always have a way to spin it
When the big chiefs get bushwacked
If your child goes missing you got to know
You better put out some fliers
Unless your rolling in the dough
You won't get much help through the wires

Here's a news flash here's the scoop
Here is why your story bit it
Ooooo pretty people did it

CD 1
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  • 2 Restin' Your Soul
  • 3 In the Day
  • 4 Beautiful Door
  • 5 I Gotta Grow Up
  • 6 Hearts Like Mine
  • 7 Carnival Girl
  • 8 Always Countin'
  • 9 Pretty People
  • 10 I Can Tell You
  • 11 Hope for Glory
  • 12 The Boy is Gone