Who Sang Restin' Your Soul? Billy Bob Thornton

Release information
Release Date: 2007-7-27
Genre: Rock
Style: Country Rock
length: 3:37
Why did you go
Restin' your soul
Restin' your soul
Now I have to go
Travelin' alone
Travelin' alone

I don't blame you in
So many different ways
I might have done the
Same myself
But if you could see how
I get through every day
You'd know why I could
Use your help

I've always wondered if
We black out and just go
That has always been
My fear
If you're looking for the
Magic that's unknown
Just know that you stole some
Magic here

CD 1
  • 1 It's Just Me
  • 2 Restin' Your Soul
  • 3 In the Day
  • 4 Beautiful Door
  • 5 I Gotta Grow Up
  • 6 Hearts Like Mine
  • 7 Carnival Girl
  • 8 Always Countin'
  • 9 Pretty People
  • 10 I Can Tell You
  • 11 Hope for Glory
  • 12 The Boy is Gone