Who Sang Golden Earrings? Billy Butler

Billy Butler Guitar Soul! cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1969
length: 4:06
recording engineer: Rudy van Gelder
bass: Bob Bushnell
membranophone: Specs Powell
organ: Sonny Phillips
strings: Billy Butler
woodwind: Seldon Powell
There's a story the gypsies know is true
That when your love wears golden earrings,
She belongs to you.
An old love story that's known to very few,
But if you wear those golden earrings,
Love will come to you.

By the burning fire,they will glow with ev'ry coal.
You will hear desire whisper low inside your soul.
So be my gypsy,
Make love your guiding light,
And let that pair of golden earrings
Cast their spell tonight.

12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 The Thumb
  • 2 Golden Earrings
  • 3 B & B Calypso
  • 4 Blow for the Crossing
  • 5 Autumn Nocturne / You Go to My Head
  • 6 Honky Tonk
  • 7 Seven Comes Eleven