Who Sang Disturb? Billy Club Sandwich

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Disturb in my mind/No one to blame
If you bring up the truth/You'll be a shame
Random acts of violence/Cloud in my brain
I smoke sensi/To remain insane!

INSANE I am with the mortality to kill
Push aside my conscious
Just to see your blood spill
Bring back the time
So I can carve your flesh
Unleashing years of anger
Till theres none left

If I knew now what I've known before
I should have slashed your throat
When you walked through my door
Redemption of pain slithers down my spine
Scars so deep they stand the test of time
Without warning you stabbed me from behind
In the back so you take what was mine
Still pays no dues, suffer no conclusion
Murder in cold blood is my only solution

  • 1 Body Cavity Search
  • 2 Disturb
  • 3 Wig Splittin'
  • 4 Suckerpunch
  • 5 Slow With Your Hands

  • Release information
    script: Latin