Who Sang Skate Rock? Billy Club Sandwich

Release information
Release Date: 2004
length: 1:51
Well, it was my mistake.
I never really knew just how much was at stake.
Since your life's disgraced.
You can't show your face just in any old place.
I see the eyes of a snake.
I never really knew that I was the bait.
So please, believe,
I'm f****** ill and revenge is the disease!
It's never easy, you're never sleepin'
You're always thinkin', you might see me.
You can't turn back now, your heart says back down It seems you're trapped now, your web is deceiving. You thought you had me-YOU THOUGHT YOU HAD ME! You thought you had me believing your feelings. My eyes are open, your doors are closing. I'll leave you swollen, until you can't see me!

Mira a el que tiene celos conti- contigo
y que tu vas hacer ahora.

Face to the front. Teeth smashed out.
Swept off your feet. Get stomped out.
Try and get up, GET BACK DOWN@

CD 1
  • 1 Welcome to the Show
  • 2 Chin Music
  • 3 Veterans Day
  • 4 Slip Shots
  • 5 Bronx Zoo
  • 6 Loads
  • 7 Skate Rock
  • 8 Tecato
  • 9 Max Hc
  • 10 Preacher's Daughter... Pimp's Wife
  • 11 Phil Vibes Sweatin'
  • 12 Narco Cabron
  • 13 Justice Unknown
  • 14 Anger Is...
  • 15 Infidel
  • 16 [untitled]
  • 17 Dea (Rough mix)
  • 18 [untitled]
  • 20 This Is No Song