Who Sang Wig Splittin'? Billy Club Sandwich

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Muthafuck a sandwich
You get a billy club broadside
Broadside for your momma
Swear that you're harder but you think you're smarter
You think you saw Wonder Woman or Linda Carter
Cause 5-0 is whack AND SO IS YOUR MOM!
Her punk ass crib I blew up with a bomb

Cojer el machete para mochar tu cabesa
Marchalo para poner en la mesa
After I ate all your dome
I puked and shitted and even foam
Tu estas muerto, no puede vivir
El espirito santo te lleva pa ya
I dont know if God can fuck with a snake
In a burlap sack floating in the lake!

Smack that bitch and called her a chicken
The sound you hear is a billy club hittin'

  • 1 Body Cavity Search
  • 2 Disturb
  • 3 Wig Splittin'
  • 4 Suckerpunch
  • 5 Slow With Your Hands

  • Release information
    script: Latin