Who Sang Gotta Catch Up You? Billy Crawford

Billy Crawford Ride cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2002-11-4
length: 3:18
Girl I seen you round my way to day
Knew right then I had to have you babe
I saw your smile and looked in your eyes
And want you babe want you bad
The way you looked and the way you dressed
Let me know I couldn't settle for less
She's the one and she put me to the test

You don't really know what you do
You got me on a mission trying to catch up to you
I put you on surveillance or bug your phone
I'm like a secret agent trying to catch up to you

I thought it out and I made a plan
All with thoughts that I would be your man
I just hoped she'd feel the same about me
Don't get me wrong I'm not stalking you
I've picked up on all the things you do
The clues you leave let me know you want me too

You know you got me running here and there
Trying to find a place where you might be
I'll follow every clue that you might leave
Cause baby you know you're my destiny
I know I'm getting hotter and I'm close
To finally solving now this mystery
The evidence is clear and plain to see
That you need to be with me

CD 1
  • 1 Trackin'
  • 2 When You Think About Me
  • 3 You Didn't Expect That
  • 4 Waterfalls
  • 5 Ride
  • 6 When You're in Love With Someone
  • 7 That's the Way Love Is
  • 8 If It's Alright
  • 9 I'm Serious
  • 10 I Wish
  • 11 Gotta Catch Up You
  • 12 Before
  • 13 The Way She Rocks My World
  • 14 Changing My Color