Who Sang I'm Serious? Billy Crawford

Billy Crawford Ride cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2002-11-4
length: 3:06
I was into running games
In and out the same old thing
Suddenly I've sensed a change
Since you came around my way

Sweet and shy a model type
You and I are nothing alike
Something about us seems so right
The more I look into your eyes

I'm serious about us and all I seem to think about is you
Can't you tell I'm serious about us
Waiting for the day you feel it too
Can't you tell that I

I would like to take you out
Drop the top make you bounce
Sit there till the jam lets out
Give them something to talk about

It's all good that they don't' know
I'm serious about my flow
I'm serious about my clothes
Serious to me that you know

Bounce you're so fine
Bounce can I make you mine
Bounce can you spend some time
Bounce I'm serious you're on my mind

CD 1
  • 1 Trackin'
  • 2 When You Think About Me
  • 3 You Didn't Expect That
  • 4 Waterfalls
  • 5 Ride
  • 6 When You're in Love With Someone
  • 7 That's the Way Love Is
  • 8 If It's Alright
  • 9 I'm Serious
  • 10 I Wish
  • 11 Gotta Catch Up You
  • 12 Before
  • 13 The Way She Rocks My World
  • 14 Changing My Color