Who Sang Number One? Billy Swan

Billy Swan Billy Swan cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1976
length: 2:34
writer: Billy Swan, Marlu Swan
You were conceived at the right time
Everything about you blows my mind
Thought I'd been in love before now
But I just got my foot in that door now

There's never been anyone like you for me
All the rest have been twos and threes
Darling, from now on and on, and on
You gonna be number one

Number one in my book and now in my life
Number one in looks here from my sight
Number one in ways I've never known, no
The number one woman I love so

Since you've come along life's been a joy
And that's a turn around for this old boy
Yes, all to me and next to none
You gotta be number one

All to me and next to none
You gotta be number one

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