Who Sang Intro? Billy The Kid

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if you look deep in our eyes you will see the rise of the strength when the head's up against the wall. with the same old song, in the battle ground and the guns in their hands we're destroyed by the single sound, of a voice. our demise, was a treat in the face of a brand new reign, of blood, and tears, and sweat and pain, with a main concern of death before dishonor...gotta love it man!!

  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Es La Guerra
  • 3 Bringing Sexy Back
  • 4 Boogie Nights
  • 5 Bukkake
  • 6 Bang Bros
  • 7 Chocolate Sexual
  • 8 Darth Vader
  • 9 Kimbo My Boay
  • 10 HF Weapon
  • 11 Jauria
  • 12 Esta Ciudad Ardera
  • 13 Billy Just Wanna Have Fun