Who Sang Now You Has Jazz? Bing Crosby & Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong Bing & Satchmo cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2011
length: 4:13
conductor: Johnny Green
piano: Billy Kyle
vocal: Louis Armstrong and Bing Crosby
orchestra: MGM Studio Orchestra
double bass: Arvell Shaw
drums (drum set): Barrett Deems
clarinet: Edmond Hall
trombone: Trummy Young
trumpet: Louis Armstrong
composer: Cole Porter
lyricist: Cole Porter
Gentlefolk of Newport
Or should I say "hats and cats,"
Please lend an ear
That you all may hear
Some shimmering sharps and flats.
For those cosy virtuosi,
known as "hipsters" to the trade,
wish to show you now
Precisely how
Jazz music is made.

Take some skins,
Jazz begins,
Take a bass
Steady pace,
Take a box,
One that rocks,
Take a blue horn New Orleans-born.
Take a stick
With a lick,
Take a bone,
Take a spot,
Cool and hot,
Now you has jazz jazz jazz, jazz, jazz.

Now you has,
Now you has,
Now you has,
Now you has,
Now you has,
Now you has,
Now you has jazz, jazz, jazz, jazz, jazz, jazz,
Now you
Now you
Now you
Now you has jazz, jazz, jazz, jazz, jazz.

Now you has jazz,
Now you has jazz,
Now you has jazz

If you sail
Over the sea,
Take my tip
They're all molto hip
In Italy.
As for France,
Believe it or not,
Frenchmen all
prefer what they call
"Le Jazz Hot."
Take a plane
Go to Siam,
In Bangkok
Today, 'round the clock,
They have a jam.
Indians on
the Amazon
Beat one bar
and all of 'em are
gone, man, gone.
From the Equator
Up to the Pole,
Through the air
you hear everywhere
Rock and roll.
From the East
Out to the West,
Jazz is king,
'Cause jazz is the thing

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  • 2 Sugar (That Sugar Baby O' Mine)
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  • 4 Dardanella
  • 5 Let's Sing Like a Dixieland Band
  • 6 'Way Down Yonder in New Orleans
  • 7 Brother Bill
  • 8 Little Ol' Tune
  • 9 At the Jazz Band Ball
  • 10 Rocky Mountain Moon
  • 11 Lazy River
  • 12 Bye Bye Blues
  • 13 Little One
  • 14 I Love You, Samantha
  • 15 Now You Has Jazz
  • 16 Gone Fishin' (studio version)
  • 17 Blueberry Hill
  • 18 Lazy Bones
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