Who Sang Flock of Birds? Binoculers

Release information
Release Date: 2012-11-2
length: 2:43

You let me walk through a forest with clouds in the crowns
Protecting my way from the sun
The lack of light adapts the day to the night
I stray and I stay callow
Now in a pack I run away from your wicked sun
Onto a glade
Now in a pack I run onto a glade
You set my boat on a river straightened and still
No wind on its watersides
I keep time with rowing but still don't get my boat going
I'm short of breath
Now in a shoal I swim away from your silent wind
Into a storm
Now in a shoal I swim into storm
But I will never see you fly in a flock of birds

CD 1
  • 1 Monsters
  • 2 Windbreak
  • 3 Sparks
  • 4 Sister
  • 5 The Place You Come From
  • 6 Grandmother's House
  • 7 Song for a River
  • 8 Bricks/Walls
  • 9 Endless Tides
  • 10 Trapped
  • 11 Interlude
  • 12 Beat
  • 13 About Travelling
  • 14 Flock of Birds
  • 15 Old Mind