Who Sang Trapped? Binoculers

Release information
Release Date: 2012-11-2
length: 2:46

You wish you set yourself in stone
You'd be content and go it alone
Worthwhile you'd feel like one of a kind
Not confused with another ones mind
You hold on to a preset measuring tape
Your size doesn't fit and you got the wrong shape
Too many of you block your view
Too many of you won't get through
Too many of you are stuck in the air
The more you are the less space to spare
Slow down when you're trapped
The world is breathing you in and out
You will make a difference there is no doubt
You're shifting and turning all along
And you're twisting the air you are among
Slow down when you're trapped

CD 1
  • 1 Monsters
  • 2 Windbreak
  • 3 Sparks
  • 4 Sister
  • 5 The Place You Come From
  • 6 Grandmother's House
  • 7 Song for a River
  • 8 Bricks/Walls
  • 9 Endless Tides
  • 10 Trapped
  • 11 Interlude
  • 12 Beat
  • 13 About Travelling
  • 14 Flock of Birds
  • 15 Old Mind