Who Sang Who's Your God Part I? Bionic Jive

Release information
Release Date: 2001-10-16
Genre: Hip Hop Rock
Style: Hard Rock
length: 0:52
It's automatic I rain caskets of dead poets,
my mother gave the permission for the syrum of lyricism,
Dr. Kavorkian overdosed it.
Now I rain death traps P.O.W. camps,
torture cambers,
my insane slang divides continents,
and turn rabbis to g_______ers.
I'm Ako Mack the world killer.
In my past life I was Jack the Ripper, Charles Manson,
then Son of Sam the New York .44 caliber killer.
I come from desolation, full of abomination's,
where gods stay at war for territory.
Incest multiplies my population.
My blood turns to venom, and bleed poisonous centipedes,
so tell my enemies I hold the antidote in a state of cryogenic freeze.
I'm cold, south poled, frigid, subzero.
I'll step off the cyclone, spin off the planet,
and laugh at your globe.
Who's your god?

CD 1
  • 1 Who's Your God Part I
  • 2 Shut 'Em Down
  • 3 Pump
  • 4 I Shot Lucifer
  • 5 Hands to the Roof
  • 6 Swarm
  • 7 Break the Chains
  • 8 Freaks
  • 9 Rock On
  • 10 Ricochet
  • 11 Get It Hot
  • 12 Kerosene
  • 13 Walking With Shadows
  • 14 Goodbye
  • 15 Who's Your God Part II