Who Sang Having It All? Bipolar

Release information
Release Date: 2005
length: 4:01
If it were anything other than
Wanting everything and having it all
All in his hands
If he were half of what he could be
He'd be nothing at all
He lives in a moment and he hangs from
The wall to prove he owns his youth
Take these bones and throw them out
My closet's seen enough for now
I need the s***e for hangups yet to come
And take my guilt and ring it out
I'll need it back but not right now
I'll need the s***e to get away
From the problems that I create
He know what he's doing and
He knows who he pains
And she knows the family that he's pushing
Away to prove that he's needed too

Chorus x2

  • 1 Prologue
  • 2 40/140
  • 3 Take You Down
  • 4 Dollhouse
  • 5 The Cause
  • 6 Having It All
  • 7 Path
  • 8 Aftermath
  • 9 Chemical Dream
  • 10 As I Bleed
  • 11 Miscomm
  • 12 Epilogue