Who Sang Miscomm? Bipolar

Release information
Release Date: 2005
length: 5:54
I don't want to argue
I don't have it left in me
I don't have the strength to fight this conflict eating you and me
You're always right in everything
Always coming down on me
Always acting like your mentally superior to me
Try to reason
Try to agree
If you don't want and I don't want to try to see, try to be
Think in common
Think like me
In miscommunication, try to see, try to be
Chorus x2

  • 1 Prologue
  • 2 40/140
  • 3 Take You Down
  • 4 Dollhouse
  • 5 The Cause
  • 6 Having It All
  • 7 Path
  • 8 Aftermath
  • 9 Chemical Dream
  • 10 As I Bleed
  • 11 Miscomm
  • 12 Epilogue