Who Sang Path? Bipolar

Release information
Release Date: 2005
length: 6:20
She lies down and cries herself to sleep
Every night a battle that never seems to cease
Her twisted heart cant heal without a mind
To crush the shadow cast when she crossed the line
Another day is locked away
Awake and lonely she finds herself
To face another day stuck on the shelf
She knocks it down and builds it up again
Replacing the lid securely and then
Another day is locked away

The Path of least resistance is effortless she promises
Soon one day she'll find herself off the shelf and she notices
Empty hearts do not remain once the pain is focused in to overcome yourself
Selfishness gently becomes yourself.
She lies now and makes herself believe
Her life is grand. She's gladdened without me
But who's the fool? She'll figure soon enough
Reflecting back her image is clear to see
Another day is locked away

All you ever needed was to open up your eyes and see the world in front of you
All you never saw was my heart breaking and bleeding over you
All you'll never hear are words unspoken. Unspoken wisdom all for you. I was all for you.


  • 1 Prologue
  • 2 40/140
  • 3 Take You Down
  • 4 Dollhouse
  • 5 The Cause
  • 6 Having It All
  • 7 Path
  • 8 Aftermath
  • 9 Chemical Dream
  • 10 As I Bleed
  • 11 Miscomm
  • 12 Epilogue