Birdman feat. Lil Wayne - Priceless 歌詞

オリジナル盤発売日: 2009-11-23
ジャンル: Hip Hop
length: 5:33
I pulled up to the club on dubs
They say look at them go
Look at them go
And raised up with some girls tryin' to cut 3 times in the room
Times in a room
Cause I spent 20 on my tires
30 to be icy
But me bein' fly that's priceless
And I gave 40 to my side chick
50 to the wifey
But me bein' fly that's priceless
Baby that's priceless

Err but the projects
Postin' that's the object
Me talkin' cash
Then you better switch the topic
***** ***** stop it
Gon' ahead and cop it
Money in the bag
Probably takin' out the garbage
I know them boys snitchin'
Cause they're scared of 1st degree
But you can tell em f.e.d's
I'm in VIP
With 4 mill chedda' keep boy keys
The window to the wall
Supplier of what you need

Got no wife but the wife be my girlfriend
My girlfriend girlfriend
Lookin' for a girl friend
Nick name tail spin
Meet you in da whirlwind
Lord hear the way
Now they ask you where the world went


I'm so fly
Not to mention that I'm priceless
Ya ain't never seen
Heard of them
None like this
Thousand dollar jeans
Air force 2 Nike's
Prowlin' in the club
Give a **** about indictments
You can bartender but the drinks on me
2 magnums in my hand
One fo' creeps one fo' freaks
Too much legal tender
So its raining bubbly
My ice the same color
How Kelis used to be

Hold up wait a minute
Pop pop *****s ain't even they spinnin'
I made a make dollars
So it have to make sense
I'm born out liquor
I'ma dead president
All long day
All long die
Toe tag money see it fallin' out the sky
***** if I'm priceless
Then bury me alive
My pockets like caskets
Death live inside


Alligator wit the sways
50 on the carpet
All yellow hard 8s
Scarface white leather
Purple cush
Green all red shinin' any weather
Customized jeeps for high priced life *****
Get it till you cant no mo
Shop till you cant no mo
10 on some new shoes
50 on the boy
100 on some new jeans
And give a **** bout the price
Precious little tight blue heart on my mike
She'll get your whole life for a stack
Get yourself something nice


CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Been About Money
  • 3 Money to Blow
  • 4 Money Machine
  • 5 Priceless
  • 6 Bring It Back
  • 7 Nightclub
  • 8 4 My Town (Play Ball)
  • 9 Hustle
  • 10 Shinin'
  • 11 Mo Milly
  • 12 I Want It All
  • 13 Always Strapped (remix)
  • 14 Money & Power
  • 15 Ball Till Ya Fall
  • 16 Grindin' Making Money
  • 17 Written on Her (remix)
  • 18 Southside (remix)

  • 登録情報
    label: Cash Money Records
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    barcode: 602527208343
    script: Latin