Who Sang Bang Bang - 2 Shots in the Head? Black Attack

Release information
Release Date: 1997-11-10
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Pop Rap
length: 3:59
Keep it on the down low
nobody else had to know
how we had our freak shows
sipping on froze margaritas
we kept it hot like heaters sneakers
I guess you can call us creepers
we both had beepers
secret codes
tap them in
see what's happening
hit me back about 10.
I met you down in the west end
this girl was foxy
had Ill NA NA
loved it when she called me Pa Pa...Ha Ha.
but she was married to the mob man chances were slim
she sleeping with me
he thought she was faithful to him
she fell deep
deeper deeper in love
it was suppose to be a secret
but she slipped up and told her cuz
Now me and big dude standing face to face
he got back up for days
crew all over the place
but betrayal out weighs it all
a quick phone call
even in front of my eyes
I couldn't belive what I saw...

CD 1
  • 1 On the Edge
  • 2 Bang Bang - 2 Shots in the Head
  • 3 Dirty Money
  • 4 Black Attack
  • 5 Heartless
  • 6 U Make Me Feel So Good
  • 7 Blowin' It Up
  • 8 Threat
  • 9 Fake Playa
  • 10 Down Ass Girl
  • 11 It's a Shame
  • 12 Now I See Clearly