Who Sang It's a Shame? Black Attack

Release information
Release Date: 1997-11-10
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Pop Rap
length: 4:07
Rap Verse 1
It's a shame, nobody else to blame
n_____s strung out, on a crack cocain
first you had a life, first you had a wife
now you only have pain and strike livin your life
the b__ don't know half for some, or what can be next
a bullet is what u should expect
your life a mess like the symbol of an x
police tryin' press, givin you all kind of stress
(time you slipt you knew you shoulda quit )
do anything for the next hit even suckin di*ks
coz c___ got you strung out
police got you hung out
even your boys what you takin out
time to say goodbye, all for a high
dont even try to cry, not even a drop
point about an hour, all for the glory and fame
its shame only yourself to blame

Chorus 1:
Now i see, there's no way
to get you back again
Dont you feel it's a shame
you'll never ever be the same
(oh can never be the same)

It's a shame, now you feel the pain
your brain fu*ked up cause of crack and kokain
a shame, its all the same
couldn't stand the pressure, handle the fame

Rap verse 2
its a d___ shame, n____z hooked on kain
fillin their brains with pain
washin their futures down the drain
its insane getting played like a game
had a good job drove a fat a__ car
yeah livin life high like a star
but your sh*t ended quick
sucking the devils d*ck
lost your job and sold your car for a hit-hat
aint got sh*t but overdue rent
coz you spend you last cent
tryna get bent
Devil keeps callin
pipe begging for sunction
Headed on a trip straight for destruction
Corruption, like a volcano on a verge of erruption
Nothing on your mind but smoke and c__e talk
As the toke (?) lungs fulla smoke you choke
Things up in your chest cardiac arrest
On the verge of death, begging for forgiveness

Chorus 1


Chorus 2:
Now i see, it's too late
you never comin' back again
Dont you feel it's a shame
you'll never ever be the same
(oh can never be the same)

Chorus 2 'til the end

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