Who Sang I Knew What I Was? Black Bear

Black Bear The Cinnamon Phase cover art
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length: 2:57
You cut your hand
On a glass in the sink

And you called my name
And you bled too much
And you were scared of your blood
And so was I
It was too much

But I knew what I was there for
And i wrapped you up

Yeah I wrapped up your cut
You didn't bleed as much
And I took you to the hospital
Were they stiched you up

I wish i could have sewn you up
The doctor was a jerk

He told you not to cry
But i held your other hand
And I knew what I was there for
And I told you to cry
If you wanted to cry

You had bled too much
You had bled enough
For one day

CD 1
  • 1 Black Bear
  • 2 Your Princess Is Priceless
  • 3 Australia, Olympia, Poughkeepsie
  • 4 Those Rusty Drums
  • 5 Whistler’s Mother’s Day
  • 6 In the Arboretum
  • 7 I Believe in Immediacy
  • 8 I Knew What I Was
  • 9 Eve of the Fall
  • 10 I Want a Flying Delorean
  • 11 Flicker Wings
  • 12 Like Venice