Who Sang Chicken in a Biscuit? Black Happy

Release information
Release Date: 1993
length: 2:56
My friend soul came back to me and he said how are you
And where have you been, I told him I got lost somewhere
Along the way, now I've come to stay I told him

I want to go up to that hoedown in the sky
I want to be there when I look him in the eye
I want to see all the things we need to be
My yes and no's from head to toes and sing eventually
I want to'

Take note son of the things around you and watch the way
they get so strange and unscrewed, you know that
something somewhere's gonna' have to give
Don't worry 'bout a thing 'cause you're gonna' life

Sabbath may not come, I don't care
Sun it may not shire, Oh I still don't care
Seas they may not flow, Don't fear it
It means as much to me as a chicken in a biscuit

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  • 2 Bullmonkey
  • 3 Shoveljerk
  • 4 Spirit
  • 5 Holly Would
  • 6 Chicken in a Biscuit
  • 7 Home
  • 8 3-day Weekend
  • 9 Mrs. Berri
  • 10 Shuckin' the Jive
  • 11 A. Bedini
  • 12 Yes...and it Counts
  • 13 Myself
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