Who Sang Elected? Black President

Black President Black President cover art
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Release Date: 2008-9-16
length: 3:19
I'm no one trick, two-bit, third world choice
I wanna be elected
I'll meet you at the clinic in a gold Rolls Royce
I wanna be elected
The kids need a savior but they keep getting fakes
I wanna be elected
We're gonna a put a little black in the red & blue states
I gotta be elected

I've never lied to you like those D.E.A. fools
I wanna be elected
About the quality of drugs you can buy in our schools
I wanna be injected
Hallelujah I wanna be selected
Everybody in the Divided States Of America

Let's go start a class war and I'll be your bomb
I wanna be elected
Black and white together, funky and strong
I wanna be elected
Elected, selected, airport inspected
I wanna be elected

"Announcing the nomination for a new party, a third party, A BLACK PARTY"

CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Last Fucking Hope
  • 3 So Negative
  • 4 Not Enough
  • 5 Short List of Outspoken Suspects
  • 6 Neon
  • 7 Who Do You Trust?
  • 8 Watch You Drink
  • 9 Vacate the Vatican
  • 10 Hallelujah
  • 11 Not Amused
  • 12 Ask Your Daddy
  • 13 Gaslamp James’ Campaign Speech
  • 14 Elected