Who Sang Don't Look Back? Black Raven

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length: 3:45

I don't care
If you never call again
I don't care
If you leave me in my den
And I don't feel
That love for you no more
And I don't need
You 'round me anymore

Don't look back
On your way right through that door
Don't look back
Like you never did before
Just go on
Go on break another heart
Just go on
Find a new love, a new start

But I cry out in the night
When I think of you and I and the times
I spent with making me believe
No one could steal your love away
I never thought that you could be the thief

I don't feel
That sweet love for you no more
And I don't feel
My own heart that you've torn
Leave my world
Leave it broken at my feet
Leave my world
Leave the dreams you don't need

But the saddest part of all
Is never knowing if you ever wonder why
The hearts you left all have to die
Guess you'll never ever know
And you'll never ever love without a lie

No please go on
Cause I know you don't think twice
Please move on
With your heart cold as ice
Don't look back
Though I'm still waiting here
Don't look back
Though you'll ever be my dear

  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Red Light Spells Danger
  • 3 Ships Without Harbour
  • 4 Ain't That Too Much
  • 5 Once Again
  • 6 Tiddlywink
  • 7 Don't Look Back
  • 8 Out of Limits
  • 9 Bird Doggin'
  • 10 Will I See You Tonight
  • 11 Another Sunday Morning
  • 12 Mound of Clay II
  • 13 Love's a River
  • 14 Palisades Park
  • 15 Spreizd├╝bel
  • 16 Anthem
  • 17 Outro