Who Sang Fentanyl? Black Thought & Salaam Remi

Salaam Remi Streams of Thought, Vol. 2 cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2018-11-26
length: 1:58
Real drugs do real things
Go to extremes, crash regimes and kill kings
In the last reprieve he still sings
How the task that the master needs reveals wings
And though he has to bleed, it still brings him Heaven and Hell
Better believe the truth stings
Tyin' his arm off with violin strings
His eyes and dreams diverted as the siren screams, eternal
Over-dosage is a marketing scheme
That's just as dark as it seem when it's a part of your team
With the esteem of a savant, as smart a genius
Vanity carried the dope into the heart of a fiend
Another destroyed life was meant to be more righteous
In the face of this full-on opioid crisis
While the wolves pull the wool on and prey on vices
Still the dogs with the hood on, it's way more frightenin'
For death, you're not ready
Trust me, I'm deadly as the Fentanyl that killed Prince and Tom Petty
I would venture still into the trench and bomb heavy
Every infidel with fillin' strength of my medley
And so it begins as evil intends to start off slow
Then graduate to needles and pins
You would have forsaken everybody, even your friends
And see where it ends, the visual's a reason to cringe
You watchin' this? He took a shot in the esophagus
He's in the zone and stoned like a sarcophagus
Try stoppin' this, I'm on top of the metropolis
It's narcissist over Narcotics Anonymous
Broken promises, broken jaws and dope whores
I separate the fact from the folklore
Let's estimate the tracks that I spoke for
Euphoria is the most that you could hope for
I ghost wrote for the greats and took the best out
A poker face from the estates, I had to stress out
But no complaints from me, a race that had to check-out
Ay yo, I got a brand new bag for you test out

Yo, the **** crazy

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