Who Sang Get Outlined? Black Thought & Salaam Remi

Salaam Remi Streams of Thought, Vol. 2 cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2018-11-26
length: 3:19
Uh, LA, uh huh, Chi Town, Philadelphia, PA
Hey now, uh, LA, yeah, Chi Town, Philadelphia, PA

Listen, pick any city, the South side, the outside
It isn't pretty, the tods cryin' and shots fired
Protection there be the lopside, the cop kind
You see the scene of a crime like every stop sign
My section of twenty-one pound is downtown
They walkin' 'round wit' the guns out
It's wild how the younging's dumb proud, firin' the crowd now
Leadin' the blind with they minds up in the Soundcloud
Ain't a lotta sunshine when you on a frontline
Listenin' to that ghetto drumline, duckin' one-time
Thinkin' how the Devil doesn't tire, even sometimes
Wonderin' how the **** could one's rhyme be this unkind
Everybody cold to me, seem to throw this bullshit
The only thing that sold to me bein' told, we should hold on
Gettin' old tell me I'm about to buckle
'Cause holdin' tight got my hands fully white-knuckled
And to be honest, tomorrow is not promised
Whether you on the streets of Chicago or Botswana, you gotta be rock solid
Not to be outsmarted, the rise from rock-bottom to one of the top scholars
I never asked what's the secret of success with a
Target on your back and a scarlet on your chest
Listen, just get it, not a minute to rest
This is not a test, settle for the best, nothin' less, dig it

Pick any city, the South side, the drought side
Where E-M-S has arrived, well, it's about time
People who just get they tops fried get outlined
Minutes and seconds go clockwise but not mine

Where I'm from it's a war scene where more fiends
Scream for Morphines, Zoloft and Thorazine
We don't subscribe to the grand scheme
The plans seems to be keepin' us all sick, sellin' them vaccines
Ain't a lot of fun time when your only son dyin'
And the world's comin' untied from the inside
That's between affection and depression, it's a thin line
Stress and pressure here is multiplied ten times
Everything is blurred to me, lessons deferred for me
Fans said it's been a long term since they heard from me
My lil' homie never made it out of surgery
Sometimes I feel like South Philly tryna murder me

First, everybody's upset 'cause you died
They like, "wait a minute, man
I ain't the ones who's dead, he's the one that's brown bread"
Hah, so in comes the second lie, ya dig?

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