Who Sang Goin' Under? Black Trip

Release information
Release Date: 2013
A wretched soul wish to become unborn
Awaiting the darkness to cover me
My future actions must remain undone
Things just keep going wrong
I tried to reach for another path, or I don't know
Well it just slid through my hands
Full speed ahead, alive or dead
Losing track in this dance of death
I'm down on the bottom in a tortuous cold
Is this where my destiny is to be unfold
I have a feeling my weakness is stronger than I am
My thirsty soul couldn't stay away from the dark
Now I'm blowing up my last chance with my bitter final spark
I am falling, this time I'm too weak to get up again
Tonight, tonight I'm leaving with the dead
And I'll be walking out on life
Tonight I'm leaving with the dead
I'll be dancing with the dead
Tonight, tonight I'm going down
Tonight, tonight I'm leaving with the dead

CD 1
  • 1 Voodoo Queen
  • 2 Radar
  • 3 Putting Out the Fire
  • 4 No Tomorrow
  • 5 Tvár Dábla
  • 6 The Bells
  • 7 Thirst
  • 8 Goin' Under