Who Sang Putting Out the Fire? Black Trip

Release information
Release Date: 2013
I'm on a ride into the darkness
I'm going there on my own
I have no urge for a new day coming
I see no ground left to plow
I've burned all bridges and all past behind me
There ain't no way I'm coming back
This place is not where I was heading
How could it all just go so wrong

Putting out the flame
Surrender in this game
Blowing up the past
I'm putting out the fire
Fought the final round
Crashing to the ground
Left here to expire
I'm putting out the fire
A black cat came up beside me
He lead the way to an open grave
On the stone the words was written
Into a world of sands of sorrow
Across an ocean to a broken bay
And on the bay sat a lonely figure
To who the darkness would not fade

CD 1
  • 1 Voodoo Queen
  • 2 Radar
  • 3 Putting Out the Fire
  • 4 No Tomorrow
  • 5 Tvár Dábla
  • 6 The Bells
  • 7 Thirst
  • 8 Goin' Under