Who Sang Voodoo Queen? Black Trip

Release information
Release Date: 2013
Light up the fire and burn them down
We'll follow the trails of this glowing ground
Faces are frozen, distorted frames
The silence is killing every sign of sound
Bring in the horror, I fail you once
Taking me in, I fail you twice
Taking a roll my heart is cold
I'm rambling through this burning goal
I'm trapped in a corner and I can't get out
The needles are piercing its way through the night
I'm watching through, the tunnel awaits
Flames inside, into the night
I hear her screams of desire as I feel her hands
Touching my soul, down I'll go
She's pushing me forward into the flames
Burning my soul
And now her needle is piercing me
And again and again
And now her magic is breaking me
You're my voodoo queen

CD 1
  • 1 Voodoo Queen
  • 2 Radar
  • 3 Putting Out the Fire
  • 4 No Tomorrow
  • 5 Tvár Dábla
  • 6 The Bells
  • 7 Thirst
  • 8 Goin' Under