Blackalicious - Beyonder 歌詞

オリジナル盤発売日: 1999-8-30
ジャンル: Hip Hop
スタイル: Conscious
length: 3:36

[Verse 1: Gift of Gab]
Like a war with Lebanese
Melody felonies
Heavenly ebony make it feel like the 70's
Steadily ready for the path ahead of me
Ask ahead and believe that and let it be
Checking my recipe
Sprinkle with sesame
Smother with ketchup and green pepper rotisserie
Sizzling, this'll be served, mood is glistening
Me and my mistress sitting
Cooling in Sicily
This is the eve of sissy emcee fricassee
This is your piece my sweet, tasty isn't he?
Pastry with your drink?
Look at it fizzling
Making you dizzy and things
Laugh and giggling
You're fickle and ticklish in your soul
I'm tickling when I'm simply entering
To be feeling the chemistry now
Sent to be gift of me
Half of Timothy
Master rapper emcee mentally drifting beyond

First day
Last night
Beginning of the end
Of the twilight flight
Mentally drifting beyonder [x2]

[Verse 2]
I'm like a meteorite
I could be to your left
Or even be to your right
And still [?]
And from a greedier plight
Say, don't flee [?]
Be obedient, fight
Be sure that you get to your
Menial heights
We are leading to let you know
[?] your life
Not what TV will get to you
Speedier sights and sounds
Eating your vegetables
Reading all night
And books, leading your flesh can move
Being beyond sights


[Verse 3]
Special delivery like I'm Federal Express
Mesh on your memory, I come ready to flex fess
Special divinity like I'm yelling "oh yes, yes!"
Retro your memory so compelling you're breathless
Let the flow spill in from me, just settle you're restless
Mental capacity, lay your head on a head rest
Into the passenger seat for multiple excess
Injury damaging and emcee with a death wish
I'm wearing your energy around my neck on a necklace
And tearing your entity down and beckoning hecklers
You're staring go figure G, lyrically I'm the best dressed
Preparing the enemy like a hell of a stress test
Let's just be way up in the cloud as I quest this freshness
And slay you with a [?] aggressive, festive
G A and a lyrical style, impressive
Blessed Gift, and now I take a bow as I exit


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