Who Sang Electric Rattlebone? Blackeyed Susan

Blackeyed Susan Electric Rattlebone cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1991-5-7
length: 0:50
producer: Randy Cantor
lead vocals: Dean Davidson
mixer: Phil Nicolo
engineer: Phil Nicolo, Andy Kravitz and Jeff Hinger
harmonica: Dean Davidson
percussion: Dean Davidson and Andy Kravitz
washboard: Dean Davidson
editor: Ray Legnini
assistant mixer: Dan Harjung, Dean Davidson and Randy Cantor
assistant recording engineer: Mark Nemcoff, Lou Cantazaro, Mark Schulz and Mary Alison Janney
associate producer: Dean Davidson
jug: Rick Criniti
bass drum: Dean Davidson
rhythm sticks: Chris Branco
other vocals: Rick Criniti
composer: Dean Davidson
lyricist: Dean Davidson

Shakin' and a makin' little Susie
She be singin' and be wantin' my
Electric rattlebone, yeah
Rockin' and rollin' my live wire lover
Plug in my electric rattlebone, yeah
Mmm, yeah

CD 1
  • 1 Electric Rattlebone
  • 2 Satisfaction
  • 3 None of It Matters
  • 4 Sympathy
  • 5 Ride With Me
  • 6 Old Lady Snow
  • 7 Don’t Bring Me Down
  • 8 Indica
  • 9 She’s So Fine
  • 10 How Long
  • 11 Best of Friends
  • 12 Holiday
  • 13 Heart of the City