Who Sang Run? Blackline

Blackline Blackline cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2006-7-27
length: 4:15
Tempted by the wind
I was roaming through the fruit again
Slipped my mind away,
Lost with all but words to say.
And I can see you through the fields
So loud your cries could light the day,
But broken hearts they slowly heal
The truth will find the finest way.
But I cannot believe you now
I've run out of fear tonight
Wash all the pain away
If you'd make me the one to say
That you're mine Crawled through the ashes
But I still cant find my way
And everything is getting older
But my mind still feels the same,
And I can feel it breaking it up
You better run I was walking through the sea,
It whisked me through the light above
And then I find your lips on me,
A kiss of death A waste of love.
And I can see you through the clear
One look can fill a thousand days
But within emotion rise the fear,
The truth will find the finest ways
I cannot see your hands I feel them,
Wrapped around my neck
You laugh about
All your tricks
They come out from the crowd
But I'm not going down

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