Who Sang Cursed By Yourself? Blackpool Lights

Blackpool Lights This Town's Disaster cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2006-6-20
Genre: Rock
Style: Alternative Rock
length: 3:05

Good days never seem to come when
Your whole life's a mess and
Nothing seems to work out right
Painful memories that haunt you
They can only stop you
When you choose to give up the fight

Bad moods only seem to get worse
It's as if you've been cursed
Then I ask, "Who owns your soul?"
It's been said, "Everything is in your head"
That's the answer you dread
You're the only one who knows

Where'd your dreams go
Time won't move slow
Look out your window
Life is blowing by
Where's your heart been
And all your good friends
The hurt just won't end
You'll just have to try
Or this curse won't die

What goes on in your mind
You can leave it all behind

Someday everybody will learn
What it's like to get burned
Until then you're on your own
For your sake I hope it's just not to late
You don't need a mistake
Just another I should have known


CD 1
  • 1 This Town's Disaster
  • 2 Blue Skies
  • 3 Empty Tank
  • 4 Maybe Just Maybe
  • 5 It's Never About What It's About
  • 6 The Truth About Love
  • 7 Goodnight To Romance
  • 8 Crash Sounds
  • 9 Cursed By Yourself
  • 10 Lost Without You
  • 11 Unlucky