Who Sang Lost Without You? Blackpool Lights

Blackpool Lights This Town's Disaster cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2006-6-20
Genre: Rock
Style: Alternative Rock
length: 3:18

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I stay in line most of the time You bring me back to Earth If I'm out late, now that's my mistake What is it really worth We've worked hard to get where we are You always have time to give You've sacrificed most of your live Now I know it is your time to live You'd like to say I don't have a clue I think I'd be lost without you You seem to change my point of view I think I'd be lost without you I won't get far, stay who you are I need help to get around I'll do what you say, just lead the way Nothing's gonna bring us down The people laugh, I get off track It comes back to us You always said, "To get ahead You gotta leave them all in the dust" Chorus ....and there is nothing that I wouldn't do You leave me wanting more of these good times Why do I bother, you know I'm never right I'll make it up tonight Just say you'll stay with me, with me.... Chorus ....And all this praise is long overdue I think I'd be lost without you There is nothing that I wouldn't do I think I'd be lost without you I'd be lost wi
thout you

CD 1
  • 1 This Town's Disaster
  • 2 Blue Skies
  • 3 Empty Tank
  • 4 Maybe Just Maybe
  • 5 It's Never About What It's About
  • 6 The Truth About Love
  • 7 Goodnight To Romance
  • 8 Crash Sounds
  • 9 Cursed By Yourself
  • 10 Lost Without You
  • 11 Unlucky