The Nightfly (short) Lyrics - Blank & Jones

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Release Date: 2000-5-8
length: 3:56
writer: Andy Kaufhold, Jaspa Jones, Piet Blank
Fly away From the twilight to the dawn
All my dreams Drag me to another world
Feels like I'm in heaven
From my head down to my toes

Right out the shadows
Waking my deepest reflections
Clear as a photograph
An age-old yellow house

In the days
Through the nights
I cannot let this picture out of my mind

Recalling the moments that drowned
In the ocean of my dreams wiping the dust off the drawers inside my memories

In the days, through the nights
I can't let go these feelings I have inside

In this Neverland I roam
In this Neverland I roam

Beams of sunlight landing on the green
Are the angels falling in disguise
Hiding and Seeking the toys in the attic anside my soul
Struck in between the nightmares and dreams
And I still cannot let it go

In this Neverland I roam
In this Neverland I roam
But I know that I will come no more through that door

Ah! Daydream! Nightfly! No time to waste!

Hush now, dear boy, quiet!
No time to waste!

Rush now, poor boy, hurry before
There is no other way out through that closing door
Over, over
Over this place I go to hide
Over, over
Now the sun is down, ad your time is up
Hurry! You'll never walk away.

When I'm lost in this Neverland I roam
In this Neverland I roam
Now I know I won't go through that door
'Cause I know there is no way out for me anymore

Fly away through the night
Where my spirit resides
Where suns shine in your eyes
Where dimensions collide

And the night flies, far away
To a sunny day
Some day.

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