Who Sang Long Distance? Blast Furnace

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Release Date: 1971

Keep myself to myself but don't mind
Begging a bob or two
Would work if I could, but I find
Got too much to do
Look down your nose at me, see if I care
Turn a blind eye - look back and I'll be there
I can beg steel and borrow
Anything you care, to choose
I'm here today and gone tomorrow
I've got nothing to lose
You get what you can and hope there'll be
A dead end job from door to door
I've seen a lot of strange sights
The years I've been on the road
Christ it's cold when the wind bites
But that's part of the load
I's not the life I chose I'm sorry to say
Make the best of things from day to day
These shoes won't last much longer
I'm getting stronger
But it's the only one I've got
I've tried to make amends, turn a new leaf
Here the story ends, I'm sick to the teeth

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