Who Sang Rainbow Warrior? Bleak House

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length: 4:18
I walk the streets at night alone for a reason
The guilt inside my head was there for a reason
Don't take the, don't take the sun away
The darkness strikes me down, tears that burn
Their crying haunts me

The day I laughed you said this is murder
I've got to, I've got to run, hide my eyes
Blood on my hands won't wash the lies
A deadly silence on the ocean today
Ten thousand voices have been taken away

Don't turn away from the ocean and say
It's heart isn't beating
The Rainbow is hope the Warrior might cope
If the world stopped sleeping
Ravaged by greed for the ignorant's need
Fate's hand's been a-weeping
Who holds the gun are you ready to run
The trigger is held by you
Surrender and say that I'm not to blame
For you are the guilty too

  • 1 Rainbow Warrior
  • 2 Isandhlhawa
  • 3 Inquisition
  • 4 Chase the Wind
  • 5 No Reply
  • 6 Down to Zero
  • 7 Flight of the Salamander
  • 8 To the Gods
  • 9 Lost Fortunes
  • 10 Arise with the Prince