Who Sang Relentless? Blind Sight

Release information
Release Date: 2006-3
length: 4:22
It isn't hard for us to say.
It delights us to behold, your dismay.
And as the silent force surrounds,
You tried to tear us down.
And when the sun begins to fade,
You'll see us laugh at your disgrace.
What the hell have we done wrong,
To bring this hate upon...
And I will strike you down,
If it's the last thing that I do.
I will strike you down, relentless.
I will strike you down.
No revenge is not a crime.
I will strike you down, relentless.
It serves you right to be afraid.
We will destroy all that stands in our way.
Don't ask why and don't ask how.
We're growing stronger now.

Demon, stand and watch me constrain.
Stand and watch me refrain.
Sense of vengeance remains.
Treason, sanctify yourself.
Reason, drain your soul for wealth.
Demon, not provoked by death.
Demon, walk upon my wrath.

CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Tenderstrike Salvation
  • 3 Darkened Days
  • 4 Bad Blood!
  • 5 Sticks and Stones
  • 6 Interludium
  • 7 Relentless
  • 8 My Demise
  • 9 Betrayed
  • 10 Disciple of Despair
  • 11 Scapegoat Utopia