Who Sang Tenderstrike Salvation? Blind Sight

Release information
Release Date: 2006-3
length: 4:23
Tenderstrike, salvation
Strike, sal...
Sender, of the Hatred
(Blood killed the fire)
Victim, of all d***ation
You make me stronger, your death won't be in vain.
Bleeding, on your creation.
As I grow stronger, as contradictions fade.
The wrath that you create.
As contradictions fade, it's wrath that you create.

Yeah, here comes the rain,
right down again,
it never ends.
Time's come, for you to face your demons now
face the truth.
Never before have you felt, so alone.
No it's too late for you to feel the guilt that you never felt.
Now it's too late, time has come to take back life.
.... and time has come to collect.

Time's come, it's time to pay for all of the damage done.
Never before have we felt so alone.
Now it's too late for you to fall on your knees and beg remorse.
Now it's too late, we have come to take your life.

Yeah, have I gone insane?
I'm a broken man, with empty hands

CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Tenderstrike Salvation
  • 3 Darkened Days
  • 4 Bad Blood!
  • 5 Sticks and Stones
  • 6 Interludium
  • 7 Relentless
  • 8 My Demise
  • 9 Betrayed
  • 10 Disciple of Despair
  • 11 Scapegoat Utopia