Who Sang Unchained? Blood on the Dance Floor

Blood on the Dance Floor Bad Blood cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2013-9-3
Genre: Electronic Rock Pop
Style: Experimental
length: 4:17
producer: Rusty Wilmot
mixer: Rusty Wilmot
recording engineer: Rusty Wilmot
audio engineer: James Egbert
writer: Dahvie Vanity
composer: Dahvie Vanity
I hate the right to remain violent, Anything you say will be used to silence
So shut the fuck up! With your BLAH! BLAH! BLAH! Rip your face like Texas chainsaw
Born into a world! That was turned against me
I turned into something they never thought I'd be
Fuck all this fame, You can have it back peace
Put my middle finger up, cuz you don't own me
You've tried to say you're sorry, For the things you've done
Tried to play me like a fool, But I know I am not one
Try to entrap me with your lies & accusations
Fuck you bitch! I'm the freak of the nation
Here's a bag of dicks, no one give's a shit
Go and run your mouth, take a knife to your clit
If your talking garbage, making my name tarnished
Put my rep in bondage, rip it up like carnage
I'm unchained! Insane in the membrane
I'm on top of the motherfucking good chain!
I'm so high they can't find a tree for me to hang
I'm on a mission and I'm looking for some po tang
I'm cutting free from these shackles and all these chains
Cut me loose from this noose, I need some mary jane
Drop the crain on the haters to end my pain
So I can drain all my bad blood in vein
Down and broken bound by lock & key
Shamed for who I am, Modern slavery
Revenge will have its day, I serve no one but me
Let these chains fall away I've been finally set free

I got this way just being me
And now screaming fans are all I see
I'm not afraid
I'm not ashamed
I'm not your slave
Baby I'm unchained!

I'm having a REBELation
With your mainstream fabrications
Cause I wasn't born in a manger
I was born in this nation
I'm not a gift from god
Certainly not a spawn of satan
But this dream ill keep chasing
For as long as you hatin
No white flag will be waving
Cause the shit that you're saying
I'm a ticking time bomb
Just waiting to go off
I'm the motherfuckin trigger finger
On the hand of god
Ill force feed you needles
Whether you hate me or not
I'm vicious and young
And I cant be stopped
You can try to lock me up
Put me in a cage
But this lion you see
Will never be tame
I've been crazy since
I dropped out the 9th grade
With vacations to the looney bin
Before I was of age
I got beat the down running home
On the first day
And the cops told me to wipe
That evil smile off my damn face
I laughed then cause I knew
This would be the last time I cave
And I never went back after that day
I moved on,i got strong
I even changed my name
I maybe "Jayy Von" now
But "Jeremy Brian" is from where I came
So give me the blame
Break my chains
I never said I wanted fame
Ill do what I can to make a change
But I'm not a slave baby
I'm unchained

You can lock me in a cage
But I'll break free with my rage
You can't hold me fucking down
Like Dillinger! I'll break out.

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