I Can’t Quit Her Lyrics - Blood, Sweat & Tears

Blood, Sweat & Tears Child Is Father to the Man cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1968-2-21
length: 3:39
producer: John Simon
mixer: John Simon
engineer: Fred Catero
strings arranger: John Simon
acoustic guitar & guitar: Steve Katz
alto saxophone & piano: Fred Lipsius
bass: Jim Fielder
cello: Charles McCracken and Alan Shulman
percussion & drums (drum set): Bobby Colomby
trumpet & flugelhorn: Jerry Weiss and Randy Brecker
organ & piano: Al Kooper
trombone: Dick Halligan
viola: Emanuel Vardi and Harold Colletta
violin: Gene Orloff, Harry Katzman, Harry Lookofsky, Leo Kruczek, Julie Held, Anahid Ajemian, Emanuel Green and Paul Gershman
lead vocals: Al Kooper
vocal: Valerie Simpson and Melba Moorman
writer: Al Kooper, Irwin Levine
I can't quit her
She's got a hold on me
She got her hand on my soul
I can't quit her
'Cause I see her face everywhere I go
In the city streets, in the country fields
In the back of my mind
I know it can't be real
For a woman to possess
All the tenderness she had
But the hands of time
Keep tickin' on my back
'Cause it's been so long
Since I had her back beside me
Yeah, I know
I can't quit her
'Cause on my darkest night
She comes on like a light
I can't quite her
Try as I may, with all my might
She had a woman's touch
And a young girls eyes
And in seconds flat I was proselytized
Turned around
And made to feel sweet love
But the hands of time
Keep tickin' on my back
'Cause it's been so long
Since I had her back beside me
True love is somethin'
Ev'ry young boy knows about
And he fights his whole soul all the best to find some
I was a young boy
'Til I held her in my arms
Now I find that I'm strung out behind some
I can't quit her
She got her hand on me
She got a hold on my soul
'Cause I your face everywhere I go
I can't quit her, woo ooo yeah
I know
You know I see your face
Everywhere I go!
I need her...I need the little girl

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