Who Sang Never in Vain? BloodKin

Release information
length: 5:04
composer: Daniel Hutchens
lyricist: Daniel Hutchens
we labor in obscurity
but never in vain
play our hearts out in these dirty little bars
never in vain
now we're sleepwalking through the soundcheck
turn 'em all up to 10
I'm wondering if tonight we'll
make it fly again
I love this ghost we're chasing
patterns we keep tracing
scattered and strange
never in vain

it's like screaming in a deaf ear sometimes
but never in vain
unspendable riches and secret fame
never in vain
if the van breaks down tomorrow
just more of the same
we'll beg and steal and borrow
and make it fly again

I do admit it's hurting my feeliings
we're going broke while everybody's stealing
but we made a new friend
gonna let us all spend the night
never in vain

looks like a drowsy old crowd tonight boys
but we're never in vain
wake 'em up time to make a little noise
never in vain
we're tripping all over our destiny
don't it look like rain
and there's really no place I would rather be
never in vain

if the van breaks down tomorrow
if the van breaks down tomorrow
make it fly, if the van breaks down tomorrow
and if the band breaks down tomorrow...

Lyrics and music by Daniel Hutchens

© ℗ 1999

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