Who Sang Depression? Bloodsoaked

Bloodsoaked Sadistic Deeds... Grotesque Memories cover art
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length: 3:07
Can You Feel The Hatered
Deep Within My Soul
Never To Escape This
Feel The Hatered
Life it Feels so Worthless
Living it This way
Deep Feeling of Sadness

I Feel Worthless
I am Hopeless
A Deep Sadness
Empty Feelings
Fills My Soul
The empty feeling
That comes from within
Knowing there is no one
Thinking of you

Tears well in your eyes
Depression leaks out
I am Getting Desperate
Darkness Looms
I Need Help - Help Me (x3)

Horid Ways of Emotion
Dark and Lonely Place
Vacant are My Eyes
My Mind

I've Been Suffering
For So f****** Long
No One To Reach Out To

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  • 2 Suicide
  • 3 Existence Denied
  • 4 Grotesque Memories
  • 5 Rise With Me
  • 6 Depression
  • 7 My Own God
  • 8 Unborn Horror
  • 9 Blind Date Beating
  • 10 Gates to Hell