Who Sang Rotting in Flesh? Bloodsoaked

Bloodsoaked Sadistic Deeds... Grotesque Memories cover art
Release information
length: 3:31
See The Angels Forced From Heaven
Burning As They Fall

Sickness Infest All They Have
Nothing Is Left
Burning Souls are Left Below
Rotting In Filth

Rotting -- In Filth
Rotting -- In Filth

Rotting - Your Soul - It Bleeds
Dying - Killing - Lying

Left To Rot While Festering
Smell The Death
Blood Stops Flowing To Your Brain
Death Is Here

Save Me From - My Own Hell
Feel The Death - Take My Life
Wretched World - That We Live
It Takes Hold - Of Your Soul
It Wont Stop - Death Is Here

Now I know what I must do
To Confirm the Dead are Dead
Blessed are the Weak Ones
Weakness grows with-in Your Soul

Blackend heart is full of grief
Hatred makes me want to die

Death Will Take Me Where I Need
For This Hatred To Lye Weak

Feel The Pain of Life ItsSelf
Death is now the only way

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  • 6 Depression
  • 7 My Own God
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