Who Sang Seeking for Blood? Bloody

Bloody Slow Death cover art
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They want the best
They want more
Bills, words
Civil war
Education, health
You don't see
The place of the marvels
It is not here
Innocent dying by the lies
Hidden people in their houses
The true face
You don't see
Corrupt ghosts
Behind me
Sucking my blood
Drinking our blood
f****** us with thorns
'cause they are,
Seeking for blood

Seniors dying
Children crying
Without help,
Without life
The power is in the wrong hands
Favoring only their friends
People imploring to survive,
People fighting for their lives
One man decides
As a god
Who should live
Who should die

CD 1
  • 1 Against the Storm
  • 2 Seeking for Blood
  • 3 Inquisition
  • 4 Justice With Blood
  • 5 Eat Your Brain
  • 6 Slow Death
  • 7 Endless Game
  • 8 God of Disgrace
  • 9 Real Vision