Who Sang Slow Death? Bloody

Bloody Slow Death cover art
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length: 5:43
A soul appears for me
AS a flame in the sea
Desperate screams I begin to hear
A closer pain I begin to feel
My body is already tired
My senses, my feelings, my prayers
A terror wave I begin to feel
The blood seems so real

Through a corridor of bodies
Deteriorating in a tombstone
On the head a crown of thorns
People hanged in gallows of lies

Tears of blood cover my eyes
Obscuring my vision
The death seems to be so close
My death seems so slow
A life full of poverty and pain
People dying in a b***** rain
Women raped in public square
Children sold to the crime
A lot of deaths by my hands
As if I was a god
My price I will pay one day
In the day of my death
Real death
Blinded my eyes
Sold my mind
Black souls
Prepared my death
The line of the death
It is so slow

Slow death

CD 1
  • 1 Against the Storm
  • 2 Seeking for Blood
  • 3 Inquisition
  • 4 Justice With Blood
  • 5 Eat Your Brain
  • 6 Slow Death
  • 7 Endless Game
  • 8 God of Disgrace
  • 9 Real Vision