Who Sang Ashcloud? Blot Mine

Release information
Release Date: 2005
Incoming meteorites!

There was the sign you agreed you would know them by.
Their impact threatens the foundations of life.
Well prepared, still you die!
Death cloaked in black ashclouds.
Stare into the eyes of this seductive anomaly,
Vortexes funneling all it beholds.
Tenebrous matter emitted wherever it goes.
Flapping it wings at the scene below.
Ashcloud's haze. A wall of grey.
Protective suit. Steelcapped boots.
Claim your path in aftermath.
Billions dead. Ripped to shreds.

Winds race with the deafening sounds,
Screeching down causeways, cities turned gravemounds.
Bodies cover the ground.
Death knows the heart. Ashclouds!

Ashclouds rise, a hundred miles high.
Awsome sight.Turns day to night

Enemy of peace.
Know all the earth, ashclouds!

  • 1 Dead Centre
  • 2 Evil Intent
  • 3 Right of Way
  • 4 Luminous Bodies
  • 5 Ashcloud
  • 6 Gynocide
  • 7 Where Space and Time Collide
  • 8 Bolted Down (And Dying)