Who Sang My Soul in Fury Flew? Blot Mine

Release information
Release Date: 1998-10-13
length: 4:28

My body turned pale in the wind
My blood fled my veins to seek refuge...
Dreamer of open eyes, in visions, my soul was set free
Through bloodstains on arms of fray
My soul in fury flew
Over battles and battlefields innumerous
Man after man I slew
And my spirit was made flesh in the bodies of dying men
My soul in fury flew
Asleep with great mountains
With waning winds I blew
Snakes of the abyss with me
Dark elementals, fluctuations in time-being
Zero in on my whereabouts
All I embody, sheer terror
Translucent and in conflict. they ruled it all

CD 1
  • 1 Greater Than Life
  • 2 Sha Nagba Imuru
  • 3 My Soul in Fury Flew
  • 4 Dumu-Abzu-Ke
  • 5 Without Words
  • 6 Fragmented Red Sun
  • 7 Off to War
  • 8 Shadows From High-Hell