Who Sang Sha Nagba Imuru? Blot Mine

Release information
Release Date: 1998-10-13
length: 4:35

Grief, my shadow, my other self. SHA NAGBA IMURU a part of me
For the configuration to come of age
Suck the water from the rocks underneath a bleeding moon
SHA NAGBA IMURU pours the water upon the ashes of my flesh
Making it harder than stone
And i alone must suffer for the balance i have wrought
My body left behind me
Beasts within, comely find the stillness of the dark
Soaring free, within me, roaring and chanting
Enmeduranki — i must be, stillness, hate and harmony
Cold, empty and useless debris
Horns of light protrude my eyes, SHA NAGBA IMURU beside me flies
From an angle I could not foresee, he weakened my attack
And embellished the rest of my me
Crowning me with a halo. arming me with the most supreme me
Crowning me with a halo. making me as unto gods
Crowning me with horns of power. as a herder of demonic minions
Crowning me with a halo. making my ME as unto gods

CD 1
  • 1 Greater Than Life
  • 2 Sha Nagba Imuru
  • 3 My Soul in Fury Flew
  • 4 Dumu-Abzu-Ke
  • 5 Without Words
  • 6 Fragmented Red Sun
  • 7 Off to War
  • 8 Shadows From High-Hell